Welcome to Funland Forge, where we help you build fun

We offer new comics weekly, manga, art books, graphic novels, table top role-playing games, accessories, vintage toys and collectibles.

Located at 627 on Historic Monmouth Street in Newport, Kentucky, we are open daily to supply all your comic and gaming needs. We offer something for every age group, from kids to adults, with our inventory changing weekly.

Come see what we have and forge your fun today!


“Well met adventurer… “ many an evening has started with those sacred words. Currently we have a couple of tables in dire need of gamers regardless the type, and more tables to be added. Until that auspicious day we sell Dungeons and dragons books and products, Paizo, Catalyst, Battletech, Freeleague, and more.

Like the universe, we are ever expanding. Adding things daily. At Funland Forge we love the big games, but have infinite fun playing the indies. Feel free to come talk nerdy with us.

In-Store Events

A work in progress including but not limited to Game nights, STorigami, paint and plays, Game introductions, story time in the store and what ever else we cook up in the future. PLEASE STAY TUNED


Inspired by a lifelong love of stories and storytelling, games and game playing, toys, and dreaming; we’ve decided to help others find the treasures they didn’t know they were hunting for.

What game or collectible can we find for you?

Contact us to find what you're looking for.

Collectibles & Toys

We're big fans of hard to find collectibles and vintage toys. That's why we have an ever changing stock of hard to find collectibles for your collection. Stop down to see what's new in the shop, we have classic Star Wars collectibles to modern hard to find, limited edition toys.

Table Top Role-Playing Books

More than just a D&D section, we offer a variety of hard to find books and systems. We also now host in-person game days at the store, so talk to us about our game events!

Terrain & Minis

We have a variety of terrain and mini's for use during events or purchase! We're always expanding our selection so if you're looking for something specific for your games, let us know.

We know how to forge fun games for everyone!

Young Readers

Funland Forge strives to be a multigenerational shop. We have board books for the tiny, the best of scholastic publications for elementary school aged, and teen and young adult books. The Forge wants to encourage and facilitate the joy and mystery of a great book.


We offer manga. There are so many varied and wonderful types we do our best to keep our shelves full.

If you have a suggestion we would love to hear it!

The store's favorite are Lone wolf and Cub, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, and One Punch Man.

Toys and collectibles

We have a ragtag group of funologists combing the cities and country sides to unearth the coolest collectibles and smile inspiring toys.

Some brands of note are Kenner, Macfarlane toys, Marvel Legends, Select and Neca. Funland Forge will buy toys and collectibles from smoke free collections.