What is Batman up to this week?

Funland Forge offers kids to adults a comfy space to read, play games, and learn more about their favorite superhero, comics, manga, or other imaginary worlds.

No matter what you're interested in, we have something for you; whether it's independent graphic novels, full series manga, DC/Marvel, local comics, collectibles, toys and more!

So from young to old, neurodivergent spectrum, or part of our LGBQT family;  sometimes you just need to have a place to be with your favorite stories and we're here for you, at Funland Forge.

Comics & Graphic Novels

Funland Forge has a large library of graphic novels from the independent publishers to the big guys, If you can’t find we can try to order it for you!

We carry the big two Marvel and DC, but are just as excited if not more so to offer the smaller publishers wares. On a good day Dark Horse, Image, Boom, Summerian, Dynamite, Fantagraphics, Asylum, to name a few.

Manga Collections

Manga is not just one of the fastest growing demographics it’s darn good. Very easy to pick up, you can jump in most places, the art is beautiful, and it’s an exceptional value. We are happy to offer the blossoming medium. We are growing our selection daily.

Collectibles & Toys

We have an ever changing variety of collectibles from classic Star Wars collection to modern toys like Baby Yoda Funko figures. Stop in and see what we have this week!

Tabletop Terrain & Minis

We have a variety of minis, terrain, and other items for your tabletop games. We will offer an ever expanding number of options as we grow our gaming community, so please let us know if you're looking for something specific.

RPG Books

We have Blade Runner, Cyberpunk 2077, and more! Beyond unique titles like these, we offer Pathfinder and Dungeons & Dragons books as well. Also contact us if you're interested in hosting a private game night in the future!