We are hoping to set it up in the future so that we have free play on Thursdays open to the public for board games and community. We’ll have games here to play and concessions.

Fridays will be for one shots and the Pathfinder society. 2 Fridays a month you can join in Paizos international network and be led in an evening of adventure. We will be running tournaments in the vein of Player versus player winner takes all, Mork borg last person standing brackets, plus kitchen table miniature agnostic skirmish games like Frostgrave, Stargrave, and The SilverBayonet.

To aid in the pursuit of quality Table top fun we will also be offering classes on mini painting and basic terrain building. DIY classes like, if you got packing foam, you have the opportunity to build giant boulders!

On the other side of that we will be hosting stories in the store for kids under 12, and how to do basic origami folds

Game room available for events