On the Wire – June 2023

On the Wire - June 2023

This month’s person of interest is Ed Brubaker. A powerhouse award
winning writer, multi-media heavy hitter, and a genre defining
gentleman of good standing.

In mid June his new book “Night Fever” came out. On the cover It’s
described as a “taut, riveting story, as disturbing as it is satisfying...”and
on the back it’s succinctly summed up as “a pulse-pounding noir thriller
from grand masters..” each copy comes with an autographed book

A few of Mr. Brubaker’s career highlights are the creation of a grown
Bucky Barnes aka the Winter soldier, the Immortal Iron Fist, his work on
the Reckless series, writing for the television show Westworld, and
being the comic con arm wrestling champion of 2003.

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